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ALEX MAGNO (Short Bio) 

ALEX MAGNO is an Emmy and a WCA (World Choreography Awards) nominated choreographer, best known for his work with MADONNA (The Girlie Show and Drowned World Tours), BRITNEY SPEARS, JENNIFER LOPEZ, THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS, THE OSCARS, MTV MUSIC AWARDS, SYTYCD (FOX TV), DANCING WITH THE STARS (ABC TV) , YANNI VOICES (PBS and TELEVISA TV SPECIAL) -  NEODANCE  (A Tango Project, Featuring GRAMMY WINNER NESTOR TORRES) - BENISE (EMMY WINNER Nights Of Fire PBS Special), along with two other shows: The Spanish Guitar, and FUEGO The Spirit Of Spain PBS TV Special) - ONYX LULLABY (Experimental Dance Film) featuring ANNIE LENNOX & DAVID ALLAN STEWART'S Iconic Music: SWEET DREAMS (Are Made Of This) - LIDO DE PARIS (Lido La Tourné) - BALLET HISPANICO - DEEP SLEEP FOR BEAUTY (A Fashion Dance Show, Presented and Produced by JUSTONEEYE; based on a Fairytale Book created by CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, as part of LOUBOUTIN'S collaboration (The Capsule Collection) with Indian Couture Designer SABYASACHI, as well as Alex Magno's MAAPshowseries (Magno Artists Alliance Project).


Brazillian born Magno draws from a global variety of disciplines and cultural influences, which are palpable in his dynamic style, innovative vision and in the emotional story telling of his work. With agile skill and grace.Magno is an expert and dexterous director/producer/choreographer, able to cross from film and television genres, to the very different art form of stage and live production.  Magno’s expansive skill set also includes music production, music composition, film making and he is especially adept at cultivating artists of all kinds. 

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