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MADONNA (The Girlie Show and The Drowned World Tour) - NEODANCE (A Tango Project, Featuring GRAMMY WINNER NESTOR TORRES) - JENNIFER LOPEZ (BRAHMA - BR) - YANNI VOICES (PBS and TELEVISA SPECIAL) BRITNEY SPEARS (MTV CLUB TOUR + IN THE ZONE CBS SPECIAL) - THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS (MUSIC VIDEO)   BENISE (EMMY WINNER Nights Of Fire and The Spanish Guitar) - SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (FOX TV) - DANCING WITH THE STARS (ABC TV) - THE ACADEMY AWARDS - MTV MUSIC AWARDS - MAAPshowseries - ONYX LULLABY (Experimental Dance Film featuring ANNIE LENNOX & DAVID ALLAN STEWART'S Iconic Music: SWEET DREAMS (Are Made Of This) - Latest work: DEEP SLEEP FOR BEAUTY  (A Fashion Dance Show, Presented and Produced by JUSTONEEYE; based on a Fairytale Book created by CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, as part of LOUBOUTIN'S new collaboration (The Capsule Collection) with Indian Couture Designer SABYASACHI And more....

Music: 300 Soundtrack - To Victory  (edited - remix)

Composers: TYLER BATES

***No copyright infringement intended.
I claim no rights to this music.***

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