Experimental Dance Film REEL

Featuring The Music Of STING (A Thousand Years) Performed By Cecilia Bertolini

All Videos Password: Magno2018


Desert Siren                                       Starring: Ann Marie Calhoun & Jean Kevin Aubin

The First Time                                   Starring: Yordan Mayedo, Michelle Dawley,

The Duel                                              Starring: Ron Benise & Arleen Hurtado

Winds Of Passion                            Starring: Marceea Moreno Enrique Lugo, 

                                                                                  Kelley Adkins & Jeff DeBarathy.

Inside SIV                                            Starring: Siv Gausdat.

Morning Bird                                     Starring: Rhapsody & Ron Benise

Illusion Addicts                                Featuring: Oslo Dance Ensemble

The Eternal                                        Starring: Kelley Parker, Jason Yribar,Tracy

                                                                                  Phillips, Kiva Dawson & Staci Flood

The Spanish Guitar (INTRO)      Starring: Benise, Rhapsody & Arleen Hurtado 

...I am inspired by the human passion, in all it’s complex forms, and
Though the camera lens,
I am able explore the inside universe of the performer,
capturing all the beautiful, twisted and multidimensional layers of emotions, movement and music.

Alexandre Magno.


Music: A Thousand Years

Composers: STING

Performed by: Cecilia Bertolini

***No copyright infringement intended.

I claim no rights to this music.***

Short Films Included in this REEL:

Desert Siren

The First Time

The Duel

Winds Of Passion

Inside SIV

Morning Bird

Illusion Addicts

The Eternal ​​​​​