​Alexandre Magno is a highly regarded international director and choreographer for the stage and screen, known around the world for his unique style and vision that has been recognized as  “passionate, powerful, theatrical, and inspired,” by critics and innovators alike.  Mr. Magno’s choreographic and directorial work is a dynamic fusion of styles, disciplines, and cultures that have combined to give him a inimitable voice in both the artistic and commercial worlds. His work is sought after by recording artists, celebrities, international dance companies, for film, on television, in videos, and for tours.  His diverse resume includes works for :  Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Yanni, Britney Spears, The Pussicat Dolls, SYTYCD, DWTS, the Parisian Lido,  Ballet Hispanico, Rringling Bothers, and The Academy Awards, to name a few, as well as having his own highly acclaimed dance company show WITH PASSION & The MAAPshowseries.


Known worldwide for his Emmy Nominated​ work with Madonna, Alex’s  choreography has been called “dynamic, provocative, sensual, and theatrical.” Best described as a fusion, his work stands apart from the rest because of  his unmatched diversity and  strong  artistic vision.  Having grown up in Brazil, his work is infused with latin rhythm, movement, and inspiration, which combines with his mastery of contemporary and commercial dance to create works that are always distinct and impactful. He is one of only a few, that cross between the company and commercial worlds with ease.

At the heart of it all, Mr. Magno is a storyteller and an artist who is  always pushing the boundaries, looking for new ways to express himself or an idea, in unconventional ways.

Having learned music production and filmmaking, he has expanded his ability to tell a story and communicate on a multitude of levels. As an artist who think in visual metaphors, he has received critical acclaim for his multi-media work, and continues to explore new and innovative ways of pushing the limits.  

Having expanded into directing music videos and short films, as well as producing a special for PBS, Mr. Magno is making a name for himself as skilled director with a strong and unique artistic voice.